Jennifer Sklias-Gahan is an American actor, writer, and producer.


She has performed on stage and film, most recently in the role of Patricia, a meticulous, militant boss who craves order and structure for herself and her workers, in the retro futuristic world of Data Management; Betsy, a 19th century western frontier's woman, out of for revenge with nothing left to lose; Ellie, a gifted scientist visiting earth to learn about human relationships and the art of boards games; and Matilda, an urban ghost story, written by Jennifer, about a woman facing the truth, one dark summer night.

Jennifer is grateful to have been under the tutelage of the finest of acting teachers, Wynn Handman, Susan Batson and Patricia Angelin.

In 2018 she co-founded the film production company, 18 Bleecker Films with director/writer James Rogers-Gahan. Two of their films; Donut Shop and Matilda, are presently live on the international film festival circuit. Their third film, Data Management is in post production.

For more go to www.18bleeckerfilms.com

Jennifer was proud to co-produce, Liza Jesse Peterson's, revolutionary one woman show, The Peculiar Patriot, for it's run at The National Black Theatre. 

She is currently on the board of The Susan Batson Conservatory, a non-profit conservatory opening soon to facilitate and support the transformative power in the art of acting to uplift individuals and communities, developing diverse talent throughout our communities.