Jennifer Sklias-Gahan is an American actor, writer, and producer.


She has performed on stage and in films, most recently playing the role of Betsy, a 19th century western frontier’s woman out for redemption with nothing left to lose; Ellie, a gifted scientist visiting earth to learn about human relationships and the art of board games; Matilda, a woman grieving the loss of her family on a dark summer night that seems never to end; and Patricia, a meticulous, militant boss who craves order and structure for herself and her workers in a retro futuristic world of a 70’s styled Data management office.


Jennifer co-founded the film production company, 18 Bleecker Films www.18bleeckerfilms.com with director/writer James Rogers-Gahan. Three of their films are presently live on the international film festival circuit.


Jennifer is grateful to have been under the tutelage of the finest of acting teachers, Wynn Handman, Susan Batson and Patricia Angelin. Jennifer’s timeline into acting was not as direct as many are.


Though Jennifer had wanted to go into the Arts at a young age, being a first generation Greek-American, she was schooled in the classic pursuit of the American Dream: to establish a steady professional life, marry a Greek man and have enough children to continue whatever family business she creates. Off she went to New York University. 


She asked her mother if she could study theatre. The answer was, “NO, if you want to be an artist, go back to Grèece, this is capitalist America.” She asked her mother if she could study literature, her answer was, “What will you do, write the great American Novel???” Jennifer presented the idea of journalism with a minor in politics, the answer, “OK, and then law school!”


Jennifer did settle into a few journalism jobs, worked on capital hill with Ted Kennedy, and not surprisingly, the Dukakis presidential campaign. She returned to New York to work with Peabody award winner Judy Reemstma on documentary films. As a young mother, she took a side job to assist a producer on a few music videos.  On one of these music sets, (Milk Bone da Milk Crate, a white rapper) there was a conflict with the hired actress. The producer made a quick decision and said, “Jennifer, you’re in, you fit the costume, you’ll be great! GO CHANGE.”  This planted the first of many seeds and the acting bug took hold.


Eventually Jennifer would slowly do acting gigs on the side until a handful of years ago she jumped in fulltime. Her mother has since gotten behind Jennifer as an actor and has requested she at least play an attorney on screen. This is a priority. Please send any leads to Jennifer’s Reps!